The Professional Workers Recruitment & Hiring Department works through coordination with our project managers and with our customers and is continually in touch with events on the ground. Following are the fields we specialize in:

Recruitment and Hiring of Professional Workers

Companies have been suffering in recent years from a severe shortage of various professional workers. We specialize in locating, screening, recruiting and employing reliable, high-quality professionals for the job. For example:

Our recruitment and hiring personnel come directly from the professions themselves (construction, infrastructure, energy and industry). They understand the professions and they understand exactly what the customers need. Our recruitment personnel also speak the workers’ language and therefore the recruitment process is focused, assuring an optimal match between the customer’s requirements and the workers themselves.

Recruitment and Hiring of General Workers

General-purpose workers work alongside our professional workers.  This department specializes in hiring technical workers for any purpose, for any length of time and for anywhere in the country.

The department workers undergo general safety training and also specialized training for the project to which they have been assigned.

Our company equips the workers with uniforms, complete safety gear, and is responsible for transporting the workers in accordance with the project needs.

The regional operation managers visit the project sites and provide 24/7 solutions both for customer needs and for worker needs.

Recruitment and Hiring of Site Management Roles

Above and beyond all else, this department brings to the fore our recruitment and hiring capabilities. Over the years we have developed a targeted recruitment system skilled at maximizing the ability to assign just the right workers for you, anywhere and for any length of time.

Besides all of the above, The Right People will recruit and hire engineers, bookkeeping and budgetary control personnel, etc. to support your project.