Worker placement

We at The Right People are experts in placement of workers in the construction, infrastructure, energy and industry sectors,
ranging from the professional level through to management and senior management.

As people who are familiar with the field and with the variety of work practices, we are perfectly positioned to analyze your precise needs and to provide you with the best field personnel for the job.

We insist on following our recruitment process, which consists of multiple stages:

  • Locating candidates (from various sources)
  • Screening according to CV’s
  • Phone interview
  • Frontal interview – with an experienced recruiter from the field
  • Coordinating a frontal interview at the customer – on demand
  • Coordinating a job interview with the customer’s recruitment department
  • Ongoing monitoring of the worker’s conduct throughout the worker’s induction period into the organization

Our recruitment process has proven itself as effective and successful over the years. You are welcome to be the next customers to benefit from it

Every profession has the right people for it. Allow us to locate, interview, and screen the best workers and managers for your requirements and conditions. Our extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields is the strength that enables us to distinguish between the suitable worker and the almost-suitable worker.

Need employees for your project?

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